Opportunity for All.

Hybrid SaaS marketplace and freelance platform.


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Labor Markets are Broken.

Unemployment exists in parallel to worker shortages.


470 billion hours

of human capital wasted annually from lack of work


$150 billion

of lost value from talent mismatch in recruiting


1.5 billion

workers in vulnerable employment


$2.7 trillion

of GDP growth by 2025 from online talent platforms

Solution = Librium

Librium provides an on demand, digital workforce for businesses. As a hybrid between a SaaS marketplace and a freelance platform, Librium connects markets of over supply to markets of undersupply. Librium empowers Digital Businesses, Service Providers (SPs), and workers.

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Digital Partner

Companies join the network wanting to improve and grow their businesses. Through the network those companies gain access to a decentralized digital workforce, with micro-opportunities identified and staffed by Service Providers in the form of Workers of Librium Ecosystem.


Worker & Investor

Workers are members of the decentralized workforce. They provide skilled labor through Service Providers who identify opportunities and provide tools for increased work efficiency. Each worker is also given the opportunity to invest time, to earn returns beyond the going rate.


Service Providers

SPs are the apps of the ecosystem, whose role is to identify opportunity. SPs leverage workers' skill by building tools and platforms, allowing them to bring value to digital partners. Example SPs range from content marketing creation to online sales teams to affiliate programs and more.

How it works


Service Providers = Librium Apps

App Review

By SparkCo, Inc.

SparkSales is the first Service Provider (App) of the Librium Ecosystem. As such, it will integrate Librium into its existing and successful SaaS business, driving initial fundamental value to Librium.

Service: Sales Team
Category: Online
Onboarded: Dec, 2016
Developer: SparkCo


Founded in 2016, SparkSales provides an on demand e-commerce sales force, based on augmented chat technology. When installed, it is able to substantially increase the earning potential of an e-commerce website, while reducing the complexity of sourcing digital talent.

SparkSales Web Site


Upcoming Apps

New Service Providers

Service Providers constitute the apps of the Librium Ecosystem. The Librium Network will provide third party developers and businesses with tools to make pluging into the ecosystem a breeze. The pool of apps, or Service Providers, will take advantage of business opportunities, leveraging the skills of Librium workers.

Why become a Service Provider?

Reputation System

Developing tools and becoming a new Service Provider on the Librium Ecosystem gives you direct acces to the identity and reputation system. No need to develop your own.

Large laborpool

The Librium Ecosystem is the breeding ground of a complete workforce, with a great diversity of skills and expertise. When plugging into the ecosystem, this workforce is for you to leverage.

Plug and play platform

Building a two-entry platform is hard. Direct access to potential customers (digital partners), alongside the existing laborpool, allows you to develop new tools that will be put to use instantly.

Payment Gateway

The Librium Network provides SPs with the required tools to get paid without fuss and with close to no fee, in a plug and play fashion. Paying contractors is a breeze as well.

Existing customer base

The Librium Ecosystem is filled with potential customers, in the form of Digital Partners. By plugging into the ecosystem, you get instant access to these Digital Partners, their history in the ecosystem and their ratings.

Get rewarded!

The Librium Award System is there to help you bootstrap your app and becoming a Service Provider. As such, you will receive Librum EQL when bringing high quality value to the ecosystem.


Provide a service?
Apply to earn on the Librium Network now.

Become a Service Provider

Librium Platform

Be a part of the Decentralized Future

The solution is a digital economy based labor market built on the Blockchain that connects markets of over supply to markets of undersupply.


Decentralized Ecosystem

Librium Ecosystem empowers a different way to do digital work. Connecting, incentivising and paying on the blockchain.


Identity and Reputation

A consistent and user-friendly identity and reputation service will empower ecosystem actors to trust and to be trusted.


Performance Indicator

LibriumScore will allow businesses to put forward their track record of past performance as a proof of success.


Blockchain Protocol

The blockchain decentralized nature will enable Librium to develop a more efficient digital workforce economy.

Librium Loan System

Individuals can invest their time, working for Digital Partners through Service Providers, to earn more than they would have otherwise. By doing so, they help digital businesses bootstrap their operations and bring value to the Librium Ecosystem. In return, they receive returns on their hard work when the businesses they invested their time in do well, earning everyone more money.

Librium Award System

Actors of the Librium Ecosystem will be incentivized to participate and bring value to the ecosystem, and rewarded Librium EQL based on their results. The Librium Award System will play a big role in the early days of the ecosystem, when most of the rewards will be distributed. This will help with building fundamental value for the Librium Ecosystem, alongside the introduction of Librium inside

Librium Essential Wallet

The Librium Wallet will enable e-commerce websites to utilize Librium at scale. This includes the implementation of a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet for Librium. The Librium Wallet will hold a restricted wallet, to be utilized in the Librium Ecosystem and allocate Workers, and an unrestricted wallet to exchange Librium in and out.

Legal Compliant

Compliance is key. SparkCo and the Librium Foundation maintain a high standard of legal compliance and transparency providing terms and conditions and privacy policy clearly articulated. Through the process of developing Librium's Ecosystem, our team follows the standards requirements of Regulation Crowdfunding where applicable.

Token Sale Terms


  • Start date: 8 December 2017
  • Time: 10:00am EST
  • Start Date: TBD
  • Time: 10:00am EST


  • $5M worth of Librium EQL Tokens equivalent in ETH to be sold at special Pre-sale Event.
  • 1 billion Librium EQL Tokens to be minted.
  • Total of $18M worth of Librium EQL Token equivalent in ETH.

Why become a Librium worker?

More Digital Partners

When you become a Librium worker, you join hundreds of clients who are actively looking for Workers within the Librium Ecosystem. Spend more time working and less time searching.

Long term jobs

Are you looking for a long term, reliable and remote job? The Librium Ecosystem connects you to consistent job opportunities though reliable Service Providers. Your LibriumCred resume will allow you to showcase your work history and skillsets.

The idea is to grow!

The Librium Team will improve our platform, marketing, and network of Workers. We've been rapidly adding Workers and Service Providers to our Network. Become a part of the excitement!

Leverage your skills

When you join the Librium Network, the Service Providers of the ecosystem will enhance your skillset and open you the doors to new kind of jobs. Opportunities are endless.

Invest your time

The Librium Loan System allows you to invest time, working for Digital Partners through the Service Providers of the ecosystem. Doing so allows you to reap the benefits of your hard work, and earn more.

Get paid instantly

The time of freelance platforms keeping your hard earned money for days is over. The Librium Network allows for instant, low fees microtransactions, meaning you can manage your own cashflow more efficiently.

Librium connects Businesses, Service Providers, and Workers.

As an example, the Service Provider, deploys its proprietary chat-based sales system and sales prediction algorithms on e-commerce websites to leverage workers’ human touch to help increase online sales.

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  • Q1 & Q2
    Fundamental opportunity identified. Testing on partner e-commerce website with observed traction of chat based sales at a conversion rate increased of 40%.
  • Q3
    Increased conversion rate maintained on partner website. Partner's advertising strategy adjusted based on new anticipated conversion rate. Prospect of new product.
  • Q4
    SparkCo, Inc. officially incorporated.
    First India based independent sales chat agent hired. Aplha version of launched. Ten external e-commerce websites contacted to participate. Unsolicited inbound interest from new potential clients


  • Q1
    Beta users of experiencing 2x conversion rate, attributing half of sales to team.
    Additional inbound interest. Keeping Beta closed to experiment with variations on the process.
    Survey of Beta testers' needs: idea of additional complementary services surfaceing.
    AI tools helping sales team used in production with good results.
  • Q2
    Official public launch.
    Tenth chat-based sales agent hired. Customers experiencing same improvements in conversion rate as Beta customer. 100,000 sales chat interactions through
    Ideation of business models incorporating new complementary services.
    First contacts with blockchain related partners. Idea of decentralized ecosystem crystallizing.


  • July & August
    Experimenting with Ethereum Smart Contracts and blockchain implementations
    Conception of ecosystem architecture. First alpha versions of the Librium whitepaper.
  • September
    Partnerships in place. Whitepaper v. Alpha published for community feedback.


  • Development of the Librium Network.
    Exciting time for the Librium Ecosystem: opening of the Librium Network to the external world, on-boarding of new Service Providers.
    Integration of EQL to the existing platform, for all users.

Security in a Digital Era

Connect your Librium Wallet or any ERC20 compatible wallet to receive or send your Librium tokens. Fees are minimal and thanks to the secure cryptocurrency infrastructure, you will be able to exchange it with peace of mind. Librium Foundation takes security and transparency to it's core.

Minds behind Librium

Collectively, the founding team has spent their individual careers successfully building global solutions, marketplaces and businesses in e-commerce, technology and internet industries. A combination of industry leading individuals, and our group effort is what makes the Librium Project work.


Pierce Schiller


Much like Gandalf, Pierce Schiller is CEO at SparkCo. Before graduating from Harvard Business School, Pierce founded a number of startups in the Biotech space. He is classically trained as a bioengineer, and most recently was CEO of TarDisk, a technology company that released the worlds first plug and play hybrid drive. It’s not uncommon to see Pierce in a white t-shirt and motorcycle glasses. In his free, time Pierce enjoys fishing and spending time in the water, but that’s only when he’s not cooking up new ideas for things to build.


Marceau Lecomte

Blockchain Engineer

Hands on experience is what Marceau brings to the team. Building his ways into the blockchain community by first developing applications for interacting with Hyperledger, Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, including a Bitcoin payment gateway based on hierarchical deterministic key generation, Marceau is our Lead Blockchain engineer. He is also involved in research with internal business units, startups, and security consulting groups.


Thiago Amaro

Lead Developer

As the Lead Developer at SparkCo, Thiago is responsible for leading and delivering the core applications of the SparkCo platforms. He leads our highly technical teams with experitese that include back-end (PHP, Python and C/C++), databases (MySql, MongoDB, Cassandra), front-end (Cloud APIs HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Front End Frameworks), Linux Scripting, AI Frameworks. Thiago balances the delivery of solutions between architecture, time, cost and quality.


Daniel Stewart

Business Development

Beginning with double undergraduate majors in mathematics and philosophy, Daniel formerly worked in the Corporate Strategy and Development groups at Cummins (a Fortune 200 company) to identify innovative approaches that identified actionable growth opportunities in the high horsepower industrial markets. He also played key roles facilitating several mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. At Harvard Business School, Daniel co-founded an organic agriculture sourcing, importing, and marketing venture that was a finalist in the Harvard University President’s Challenge. Continuing his pursuit of diverse skills and challenges, Daniel joined Boston Consulting Group for a summer to integrate the commercial operations of a large HVAC acquisition. Leaving the MBA program after his first year, Daniel took advantage of an opportunity to work with large pharmaceutical companies, creating solutions for all aspects of commercial strategy and operations.


George Yeh

Growth Hacker

When it comes to cutting-edge marketing practices, Geroge is the person to figure out how they can be brought and applied to our existing funnels. He's able of using all the resources available and finding creative but effective methods to get more customers and new business do the project. He is a talented growth hacker, that without typing a line of code, can find many other means to get customers and reach the target audiences.


Joseph Wang

Full-Stack Developer

"A Full-Stack Developer must be the master of all areas and technologies." Let me introduce Wizard Joe! He can - magically - design a project, code it and launch it in a blink of an eye. His comfortable with applications in front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Front End Frameworks), back-end (PHP, Python and C/C++), databases (MySql, MongoDB, Cassandra), Linux Scripting, AI Frameworks and Cloud API's.


William Casagrande

Sales and Marketing

Meet the guy behind the growth of partner acquisitions. Billy has vast experience recruiting and managing sales teams and developing sales procedures. He was responsible for the core e-commerce client acquisitions for SparkSales. He established SparkSales as an industry leader and now a defining component of the Librium SPs. Billy is involved in the development of successful service providers. He consistently builds and trains strong teams by focusing on collaborative strategies and advanced analytics. Perfect fit to the Librium Project.



Global Presence

Our Advisors

Victor Santos

James Seibel

Truly decentralized insurance for freelance workers.

The Librium Insurance is a decentralized solution, transparent health insurance schema, designed for infrequent claims, based on Blockchain, plugged into a global work economy: Librium.

Technical paper


What is Librium?

Librium (symbol: EQL) is a ERC20-compliant token based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Librium EQL is the core asset in the new Librium Ecosystem. Users possessing Librium EQL can exchange it for digital services or physical goods.

What does Librium represent?

Librium EQL is an Ethereum-based token in the Librium rewards and service provider system. They are not refundable, nor are they securities or for speculation. There is no promise of future performance. There is no suggestion or promise that Librium EQL has or will hold a particular value. Librium EQL gives no rights in the company and do not represent participation in the company. Librium EQL is sold as a functional good. Any value received by the company may be spent without conditions. Librium Initial Coin Offering purchases are meant only for experts in cryptographic tokens and blockchain - based software systems. There is no guarantee that Librium or the Librium commission rewards and micro-payment platform will be successful and have any long-term value whatsoever.

What amount is being raised? What’s the cap of tokens? Will there be a follow-on offering?

We are targeting a raise of as much as $18 million USD and a cap of one billion Librium tokens. We do not plan to have a follow-on offering.

What crypto-currencies are accepted in the crowd-sale?

ETH will be accepted in the crowdsale. You will be required to have an Ethereum wallet pointed at the token/crowdsale address to participate in the crowdsale. Librium is an Ethereum derived token. If you hold BTC or another crypto-currency it can be exchanged for ETH via third-parties and used to participate in the crowdsale.

When will the crowdsale happen?

The public crowdsale will occur on December 8th 2017. The exact day will be dependent on finalizing the contract and completing the full audit, which may be changed by SparkCo at a later time. The contract will be made available on the SparkCo official public Github repository once it is finalized.

What is the price of Librium?

Librium will be sold at a fixed ratio to ETH. The goal is to raise up to $18 million USD equivalent in ETH for selling 1 Billion Librium Tokens, which will determine the exchange rate, and will be set immediately before deploying the contract.

How will the Librium Network through SparkCo use ETH raised during token launch?

The ETH received in the crowdsale will be used by SparkCo to improve our agent reward ecosystem, build out a micro-payment system, and onboard additional digital partners as explained in this document.

Is Librium transferable?

Crowdsale purchased Librium is transferable once the token sale event finishes. Librium can be transferred into the Librium Foundation Internal Ledger. Librium can be redeemed through the Librium Ecosystem for digital services and physical goods or traded with others. Librium EQL themselves have no inherent value and can only be redeemed at rates determined by SparkCo, which will use token exchange pricing to set rates.

Will​ SparkCo ​follow​ ​the whitepaper ​exactly​, ​following​ ​the​ ​token​ ​sale​ ​event?

At the date the whitepaper is published, SparkCo intends to follow through as described therein. However, it is impossible to predict the future, and changes in business strategy, the regulatory environment, technologies and other unforeseen circumstances may necessitate deviations from the described plan. SparkCo intends to faithfully follow through on execution of the business plan and Librium system but retains the right to deviate from this document as needed to succeed. This document should be considered a proposal.

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